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Sample Business Process: Facebook BP - Single Comment Routing

Facebook BP - Single Comment Routing is a sample Business Process that is supplied on the Genesys Social Messaging Management product CD. It resembles Facebook BP, except that it submits only interactions that consist of a post and exactly one comment.


Set the x-submit-comments-itx option to true. This makes the system create an interaction for each comment in addition to the interaction that it creates containing both the base post and all of the comments on it.


  1. Facebook Inbound Strategy - Single Comment Routing can be described in two main steps.
    1. The first step filters out interactions of type question. That is, if the substring <type>question</type> occurs in the _facebookXML value of an interaction, the interaction is terminated.
    2. The next step filters out any interactions consisting of a post and multiple comments. If the interaction is a post and multiple comments, it is sent to the Facebook Stop Strategy - Single Comment Routing, which terminates it. If the interaction consists of a post plus a single comment, it continues to the next step.
  2. Classification-Screen Strategy - Single Comment Routing tries to classify and screen the interactions that will be delivered to the agent group. Note the following:
    • The strategy organizes the task as follows:
      • One subroutine screens for sentiment and actionability.
      • One subroutine classifies for sentiment.
    • Routing decisions can be made based on the classification/screening results. One way of doing this is presented in this Business Process: All the results are attached to the interaction, and can later be viewed on the agent desktop in the attached data tab.
  3. Facebook Calculation Strategy - Single Comment Routing processes all previously-attached classification and screening keys and attaches the keys desktop_sentiment, desktop_actionable, and desktop_expand, which the desktop uses in presenting the interaction in its user interface.
  4. Facebook Agent Delivery Strategy - Single Comment Routing delivers the interaction to the agent desktop.
  5. Finally,
    • If there is a reply, Facebook Outbound Strategy - Single Comment Routing dispatches it to Social Messaging Server, for delivery to Facebook.
    • If there is no reply, Facebook Stop Strategy - Single Comment Routing terminates the interaction.
Starting in release 8.1.4, processing of interactions of type facebooksession (Facebook chat) is supported with FacebookItxType=10.

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