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Deploying Genesys Desktop Plugin with WebSphere and WebLogic


  1. Install GAD. For information on how to do this, see the Genesys Desktop 7.6 Deployment Guide. I
    Installation of GAD is normally followed by deployment of GAD. If you have already deployed GAD, you must undeploy it before proceeding.
  2. Locate the WAR file created by the GAD installation and extract its contents to some location.
  3. Run the Plugin Installation Package.
    When prompted, select or create a destination folder different from the folder that you extracted the GAD WAR file to. The Plugin installation creates a subfolder called SocialMediaPlugin in this destination and places files in it.
  4. In SocialMediaPlugin,
    • Locate the folders custom and extension and copy them to the GAD root folder.
    • Locate the folder WEB-INF/lib. Copy the three libraries that it contains to GAD's WEB-INF/lib subfolder.
  5. In GAD's WEB-INF\classes folder, create a custom.properties file, containing the string contactExt=Contact Ext.
  6. Locate the web.xml file, which normally resides in the <GAD_root>\webapps\gdesktop\WEB-INF folder, and make the following adjustments to it:
    1. Analyze the file and find the description of the <web-app><servlet><servlet-name>initUAD</servlet-name> servlet.
    2. Add the following set of XML tags to this file:

      For example:

       …… some other tags ….
      …… some other tags ….
      …… some other tags ….
  7. Locate the instance of Java that is used by WebSphere or WebLogic. Usually it is in the <WebSphereRoot>\AppServer\java\bin folder.
  8. Change the default folder to the folder where all the GAD files and plug-in are located.
  9. Launch <WebSphereRoot>\AppServer\java\bin\jar.exe with the following parameter:
    <WebSphereRoot>\AppServer\java\bin\jar cvf gdesktop.war ./
  10. Deploy the resulting gdesktop.war file using your WebSphere or WebLogic administrative console.

For More Information

See the Genesys Desktop Plugin page for information on configuration options, adding a social media site after deployment, and uninstalling.

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