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All Reports

The All Reports page appears with a list of saved reports, identifying the source of the report, whether the account, campaign, sub-campaign, agent group or list, the timeframe of the report, its status and the date and time it was completed.

To filter the list by when the report was run, select from the following options from the Started: pulldown:

  • Last Hour
  • Last 4 Hours
  • Last 8 Hours
  • Last 12 Hours
  • Today
  • Yesterday
  • Select Date(s)
  • All (Last 10 Days)

To create a new report, click New and select from the following report types:

  • Account Report
  • Campaign Report
  • Sub-campaign Report
  • Agent Group Report
  • List Report

A report creation dialog opens, allowing you to define the parameters of the new report.

To delete a report from the list, select the check-box on the report title line and click Delete.

The first column on the page identifies the type of report, the report's file name, the number of rows within the report, and - optionally - the user defined description.

For each report, click the Actions button and select Open/Save, Send, Edit or Delete.

The data being reported on (dependent upon the level of the report, whether Account, Campaign, etc.) is identified in the column labeled Reporting On.

The Timeframe column identifies the period of time being reported on.

The Status / Date column indicates whether the report is running or done and the date and time (which can be presented in ascending or descending order) associated with the status.

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