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Metric Decimal Settings

Use this feature allows you to edit the number of decimal places per metric that are displayed for each metric value within the Genesys Decisions user Planning application. This impacts the display of metric values in any modules, as well as on the main grid, in reports, and so on.

Set up Metrics Decimal Settings

  1. Select the Settings drop-down from the menu bar and choose > Customize Metrics Decimal from the menu bar.
  2. Expand the relevant metric group to expose the metric for which you want to change the number of decimal places that display.
  3. Double-click in the corresponding cell in the column labeled No. of Decimal Places. Here, Input a value according to the number of decimal places to be displayed (1 is tenths, 2 is hundredths, 3 is thousandths, and so on).
    To display no decimal places, addenter a zero into the value for the metric in the No. of Decimal Places column.
  4. To find a specific metric, use the search field to type a whole or partial metric name. and have the results displayed.
  5. To apply the settings, click the Update button (with it has the green check mark).
  6. To save changes, click the Close button and save the changes.
    You can print and export the settings that you configured in the Metrics Decimal Settings window.
To cancel any changes, click Cancel, and then select Yes on the Exit Without Saving window.
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