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Composer Block and Exception Naming

IRD objects and exceptions do not have names whereas Composer has Block names and Exception names. Hence the following naming convention will be followed during the process of migration for naming migrated blocks.

Composer blocks created for every IRD object will be named using the default naming convention which follows the format <Composer block type>n. If the diagram has multiple blocks of the same category the block name will gets incremented. e.g. Target1, Target2,... TargetN

If an IRD Object has an Exception/Error port, the corresponding Composer block will get the major exception added in the Block. For e.g. When "Selection" block in IRD gets migrated to "Target" block "error.queue.submit" will get added, if the "Selection" Object has the Error port connected to another Object. Please refer to the Major Exception table at the end of this section. It would be upto the user to check exception handling and hook up the appropriate exception event. A new property "Notes" will be introduced in all Composer blocks. Migrated blocks in Composer will have their "Notes" property set to the Notes for their IRD equivalent. Additionally, "Notes" property of migrated blocks will also specify the type of IRD block it was migrated from. Major Exceptions describes the default major exception for the Composer Workflow blocks.

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