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What are Voice Pages?

Once you create your Voice Site, you will create Voice Pages. These are the building blocks of your Voice Site that enable you to fully customize and configure your contact center. Each page has its own purpose, and you can create multiple pages of the same type as needed.

Voice Pages

Click below to learn more about each Voice Page. Platform-specific pages are identified.

Note: Your CX Builder platform may not include all of these Voice Pages. If you think a Voice page that you don't have might be helpful to your business, contact your account representative.

Cxb vsacdicon.png ACD Page
Cxb vsdataicon.png Big Data Page
Cxb vstransfericon.png Call Transfer Page
Cxb vsdataicon.png Data Page
Cxb vsewticon-Telstra.png EWT Page (GVP platform 15.2 and 15.3)
Cxb vsmlogicicon.png Logic Page
Cxb vsmessageicon.png Message Page
Cxb vsquestionicon.png Question Page
Cxb vsreverseicon.png Reverse Phone Lookup Page
Cxb vsscheduleicon.png Schedule Page
Cxb vssmsicon.png SMS Page
Cxb vstransactionicon.png Transaction Page
Cxb vsvmicon.png Voicemail Page
Cxb vswaitingmsgicon.png Waiting Message Page (GVP platform 15.5)

Adding Voice Pages To a Site

After you create a site, you add voice pages to your site.

  1. Select a voice page from the Add a Voice Page drop down list.
  2. At the top of the voice page, name the page. Page names can be up to 100 characters in length.
  3. Configure each page as described on the respective voice page topic listed above.


  • Use names that clearly identify what the page accomplishes for this site.
  • For GVP platform users, if you're leveraging the IVR Transfers tab on the ACD Page, make sure the voice page names are clear enough so the agents know which to use when transferring a call back to the IVR. In addition, if your enterprise includes multiple sites, name voice pages uniquely so agents don't see duplicate voice page names when handling calls coming from more than one site.

Changing Voice Page Types

If you want to change a Voice page type after you've added it to a site, you can do so within the voice page.

  1. Open an existing Voice page and at the top of the the page, click the icon to the left of the page name.
  2. From the drop-down list, select the voice page type to which you want to change the existing page.
    Changing Voice Page Type

  3. After selecting the type, click Commit Changes.
    Saving Changed Voice Page Type

    The page changes to the new type.
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