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Home Screen

thumb|center|650px|Home Screen - GVP Platform - Administrator view

When you first log into CX Builder you see the Home screen.

Note: For some users, your Home screen may be referred to by another name, for example Overview.

CX Builder Tabs

At the top of your screen, you see a series of tabs that enable you to access different areas of CX Builder. At the top of your screen, you see tabs for:

  • Home—the Home screen that you see when you log in.
  • CX Builder screen.
  • CX Analytics—displays the CX Analytics screen. See CX Analytics Help.
  • Campaign— (if your account includes this feature) moving the mouse over this displays a drop-down menu with SMS and Voice links to access the SMS interface and the Outbound Contact Manager interface respectively.
  • App Library—(if your account includes this feature) provides access the the Marketplace feature and certified Cloud Apps.
  • Support—clicking this takes you to the Support page which provides links to the current Knowledge Base and the Ticket Center.

Note: Some users tabs may differ. For example, you might see tabs for Voicemail and Account.

Left Side of the Screen

You see the following areas:

  • Today's Calls—an overview of today's calls. Clicking the Today's Calls link takes you to the Call History Report screen. See the CX Analytics Help.
  • Voice Sites—with a list of sites recently updated. Clicking this link takes you to the Voice Sites screen.

Note: Some users may also see a Recordings section with a list of recordings. Clicking the link takes you to the Voicemail/mailboxes screen.

Right Side of the Screen

You see a section for Reports, CX Builder, Account, and, for some users, Support & Documentation. On the screen, click any of the links under each heading to be taken to the respective screen. Click the links here to find information about those screens:

  • Reports—see CX Analytics Help
    • Call History Report (Today)
    • Call Analyzer Report (Today)
  • CX Builder
  • Account
    • Add, Delete, Assign Phone Numbers—provides access to the Account screen which in turn provides links to the following:
      • The Phone Numbers screen in which the administrator and users (who have a CX Builder account) can add, delete and assign phone numbers.
      • The Account Settings screen in which the administrator and users can view their account setting, change their pin, password, and security question/answer.
      • (Administrator account only) The User Account Management screen in which the administrator can add, edit or delete a user or resend a password if the user has forgotten it.
      • (Administrator account only) The The API Key Management screen in which the administrator can distribute API keys securely to users of CX Builder APIs.
      Note: The administrator is the person assigned to the CX Builder account by your account representative. Typically, he or she may also be the ACD administrator as specified in the ACD Page. For more information about the difference between an CX Builder administrator and a CX Builder user, see Getting Started with CX Builder.
    • Edit Account Settings—takes you to the Account Settings screen.
  • Support & Documentation—provides links to CX Builder documentation and release notes.
    • Knowledge Base—takes you to the CX Builder documentation site.
    • Release Notes—takes you to the CX Builder release notes.
    • Ticket Center—takes you to the Customer Care site.

Upper Right Corner of the Screen

(Holly platform only) In the upper right corner of your screen, you see:

thumb|center|500px|Home Screen Menu

  • Language drop-down list—From the drop-down menu, select the language in which you want the interface to display.
  • Account Settings—clicking this link takes you to the Account screen.
  • Notification Center—clicking this link takes you to the Notification Center to view any notifications sent to all CX Builder users by Genesys Operations about tool-related activities.
  • Get Support—clicking this link takes you to the Support tab.
  • Logout—clicking this link logs you out of CX Builder.
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