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New Features and Help Changes

This topic provides a list of new features and changes made to the Help since the last release.

New Features

All Platforms (Holly and GVP)

All platforms include the following improvements or features:

  • Account Settings topic:
    • Account Settings tab: Added two notes:
      • The Company Name can now be up to 250 characters long.
      • CX Builder now shows only the time zones supported by CX Analytics.
  • Home Screen topic: Updated text in the Right Side of the Screen section to indicate that the Knowledge Base and Release Notes links on the Home Screen now go to current CX Builder documentation and release notes.
  • Site Properties topic: Updated the graphic and the table to include information about the new Global Debug Email feature that allows users to specify or change a global debug email address.

Other Help Changes

The following changes were made to this CX Builder Help since the last release:

Help Changes Made in Earlier Releases

The following changes were made to this CX Builder Help since the December,2015 release:

  • Data Files/Big Data Files topic: CX Builder now supports SSH packet compression when delivering data files via SFTP.
  • Question Page topic: You can now use nested wildcards when you choose Keyword as a response type in the Main tab of a Question Page.
  • You can now control the speaking rate of TTS variable messages at the prompt level on the following voice pages:
  • Audio Files topic: Added a note about uploading zip files that contain a __MACOSX folder.
  • ACD: GVP Platform topic: Updated screenshots and revised the When pressing 0 to exit the queue, take callers to option Description in the Exit Point Options table.
  • Question Page topic: Added a sentence in the Keyword section of the table about nested keywords and to point to the Working with Keywords link in CX Builder.
  • Waiting Message Page topic: Removed the note that advised customers to use waiting prompts longer than 1 minute, as this is no longer an issue.
  • Call Recording topic: Revised to better distinguish between call recording features available for GVP platform users from those available to Holly platform users.
  • Download Bulk Call Recordings topic: A new section was added about how to find call recordings within the downloaded call recording zip file.
  • Schema to View Downloading Call Recordings topic: This new topic was added to provide information on how you might create a tool leveraging the call recording metadata to find call recordings included in the bulk download zip file.
  • What are Voice Sites? topic: Revised to include instructions on how to delete a group without deleting its subgroups/pages.
  • Account Settings topic:
    • Phone Number tab: Updated text and graphic to include information about purchasing additional phone numbers.
    • Account Settings tab: Updated text and graphic to explain that the Date Format field was removed from the Account Settings page, as CX Builder now automatically sets the date format based on your time zone format.
  • Recordings and Voicemail topic: Updated graphic in Editing Mailboxes to display page numbers in the Pages Using This Mailbox section and updated text to indicate that you must expand this section to view the list of voicemail pages linked to the mailbox.
  • Site Variables topic: Added a note explaining that Date Format is now set automatically based on the selected Time Zone.
  • Waiting Message Page topic: Added a note explaining that the duration of a waiting prompt must exceed 1 minute.
  • 01/07/16 Change Logic Page topic: Changes were made to the Remove, +space+, Last, Reverse, and Substring/Sublist operator behaviors in the non-mathematical operators table.
  • Account Settings: The Date Format on the Account Settings page is now automatically set based on the time zone you select on the Account Settings screen in CX Builder. Previously, you manually set the Time Zone and the Date Format separately. With this change, the Date Format field was removed.
  • Home Screen: On the CX Analytics tab in CX Builder, the Voice Page Hits Report section was removed, as that feature is no longer used.
  • Data Files: When scheduling the update or delivery of data files, you can now use SFTP or FTP.
  • Audio Files: The length of the name of an audio file is increased from 100 characters to 255 characters.
  • Voice Pages: CX Builder now supports Voice Page length names of up to 100 characters.
  • Call Recording: For the Disclaimer, you can now select the option to not play a disclaimer to the caller at the beginning of the call.
  • AngelXML: AngelXML now supports using the interdigittimeout parameter for Automatic Speech Recognition (ASR). Previously, this parameter was only supported through ASR Settings on the Question Page and the Transaction Page. See the Using AngelXML topic and the AngelXML Examples topic.
  • This platform allows calls to be sent back and forth multiple times between Self Service (IVR) and Assisted Service (ACD) without impact to reporting.
  • Reverse Phone Lookup Page: This Voice page is now supported on this platform.
  • CX Builder Help topic: The revised "About this Help" section explains that this Help applies to multiple CX Builder platforms, including the Holly platform and the GVP platform.
  • CX Builder Platform Differences topic: This new topic explains the differences between each platform.
  • Home Screen topic: Notes and sections help distinguish the various platforms.
  • CX Builder Screen topic: A note was added to the Recording and Voicemail bullet about how to access this feature for different users.
  • Voice Sites: This topic was retitled "What are Voice Sites?"
  • Creating a Voice Site topic: A Tip was added about creating page groups.
  • Site Properties topic: Notes were added to the Hang-up Pages and ASR Control properties.
  • Account/Phone Numbers topic: In the Phone Numbers section, a note was added for GVP platform users about assigning phone numbers to a voice site.
  • Call Recording topic: Changes were explained earlier in this topic.
  • Download Bulk Call Recordings topic: A new topic was added to describe this feature.
  • Voice Pages section: Section and Voice Pages topics were promoted one level up in the Help. Voice pages were organized alphabetically.
  • Voice Pages topic: This topic was retitled "What are Voice Pages?"
    • Voice Page Types section: A note was added explaining that you may not have all voice page types in your platform. Also, the EWT Page and Waiting Message Page entries were added.
    • Adding Voice Pages To a Site section: This new section was added.
  • ACD Page topic:
    • A new overview page was added with distinct ACD Page topics for Holly platform users and GVP platform users.
    • ACD Page: Genesys Classic Platform topic: A note was added that explains to platform with which its associated.
    • ACD Page: GVP Platform topic: Changes were explained earlier in this topic.
  • Call Transfer Page topic:
    • Main tab: Note added to the section for GVP platform users if there interface looks different from what is explained in the topic.
  • Question Page topic: A note was added for Nuance users. Also, a sentence was added to the Credit Card Expiration response explaining that you can specify destination pages when customers respond with valid and invalid entries.
  • Waiting Message Page topic: Changes were explained earlier in this topic.
  • Data Files/Big Data Files topic: Changes were explained earlier in this topic.
  • Audio Files topic: Changes were explained earlier in this topic.
  • Recordings and Voicemail topic: Revised the Editing Mailbox section to make it clear that the Send Mobile Email field requires an email address and does not support a phone number.
  • Using Angel XML topic
    • Document Type Definition section: The DTD was updated to include support for ASR_SETTINGS.
    • AngelXML Node Semantics section: ASR_SETTINGS and PROPERTY nodes were added. Question node requirement was revised to include ASR_SETTINGS.
  • AngelXML Examples topic: A new example, Question page with ASR settings, was added.
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