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The Diagnostics tool can be very helpful in finding errors in your IVR.


There are four sections in the Diagnostic tool:

  • Broken Links — This section lists voice pages that have broken links. A page link can break when a page that is linked to another page is deleted.
  • Missing Audio — This section list voice pages that have links to missing sound files. Audio links can break when files are deleted from the audio manager.
  • Orphaned Pages — This section lists pages that are not linked to other pages. This feature is used to find pages that should be linked to others, but are not. It can also help keep your voice site tidy by allow you to find pages that are not used so they can be deleted.
  • Text Prompts—This section list pages where TTS (text-to-speech) prompts exist. In most cases, users will build a Voice Site using TTS prompts and once it's finalized, then order professionally recorded audio prompts. This feature will find those TTS prompts that have not yet been recorded.

Click Export Prompt List link to download a xsl file that has each TTS prompt on an individual row with columns that identify which page number and name the prompt maps to. In parenthesis the number of text prompts that each page contains. This is useful when it comes time to submit your prompts to be professionally recorded.

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