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CX Builder Platform Differences

The features you have available in your CX Builder depend on which are enabled for your account and on your platform (either Holly or GVP). This topic identifies those differences.


  • If you do not know what features are enabled for your account or your platform, contact your account representative.
  • Your CX Builder interface may look slightly different from what's described here. If so, do not be concerned, the features work the same.
  • Genesys will be retiring the Holly platform soon, making the world-class GVP platform the only platform available to users. Existing Holly platform users should not notice any differences in the GUI design. If any design changes are needed, those will be identified.

Feature Differences Based on Account Configuration

The following Voice pages only appear in CX Builder if your account is enabled for them:

The following features may differ based on your configuration:

  • Call Transfer Page—The available transfer types may vary.
  • Site Properties—The Hang-up Pages property may not be included. Also, the available ASR Languages and TTS Voices may differ.
  • System Commands—The ASR Language drop-down may not appear.
  • Big Data Files—Big Data files may not appear. It is associated with the Big Data Page. If Big Data is not enabled, neither the Big Data Page nor the Big Data Files feature will be available.
  • App Library—This is available to North American users.
  • Outbound—This is available to North American users and only if enabled for your account.

Feature Differences Based on Platform

The features differ based on your platform:

  • Assigning Phone Numbers (GVP platform users only): You can only use phone numbers assigned to your account by your account representative. You cannot simply create a phone number in CX Builder and assign it to a site. First, contact your account representative to add the phone number before assigning the number to your site. If you assign a number before doing so, the associated ACD Page within your site will not work. Note: Holly platform users can add, assign, and use the phone numbers without contacting an account representative.
  • ACD Page:
  • Call Recording—If enabled, both platforms support call recording. Differences are described in this topic.

The following are only available on the GVP platform:

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