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Waiting Message Page

Use a Waiting Message Page to specify the prompts you want to play to callers in a queue.

On the Site Overview screen, choose the Waiting Message Page you renamed Waiting Prompts.

Like on a Message Page, you can choose from TTS, Audio, and Variable prompts, with an added Estimated Waiting Time (EWT) prompt.

For this example, select one audio prompt and one EWT prompt.

Click here for a sample of an audio prompt.

To add the audio prompt:

  1. Click the icon next to the Waiting Prompts text box to open the audio options and then click Link Audio. A new page opens.
  2. In the Upload Audio section of the page, click Browse and choose the file from your computer and click Upload.
  3. Your new uploaded file will appear on the right-hand side of the screen. Click the checkbox next to it and select Link to Page. You’ll return to the Main tab and see that your file has been added to the Waiting Prompts text box.

Qsg waitingmessage linkandupload.png

To add the EWT prompt, simply click the EWT button. The prompt Your Estimated Waiting Time Is will populate in the text box. Do not enter a value.The system will automatically calculate and play the expected hold time to callers.

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