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Question Page for Main Menu

You’ll want to solicit responses from callers so that you can determine how to route the call. For this example, you’ll ask if callers want to speak to someone from billing or from support. They can respond verbally or by pressing a number on a touch-tone phone. You’ll use the Question Page with a Keyword Response Type.

On the Site Overview screen, go to the Question Page you renamed Main Menu Options. Use the following tabs for this exercise:

Main Tab

  1. On the Main tab, type the following prompt into the Initial Prompt text box: Where should I direct your call? For Billing, say Billing or Press 1. For Support, say Support or Press 2.
  2. In the Response Types and Store in Variable dropdown menus, choose Keyword and then OperatorSkillVariable.
  3. Now specify the Say values with the corresponding Press and Save values:
    1. Billing-1-Billing
    2. Support-2-Support
  4. For After response, go to:, choose Transferring to Agent Message from the dropdown menu.

Qsg mainmenuoptionspage.png

No Input and No Match Tabs

You use No Input and No Match tabs to handle a situation where a caller either provides no response to a question or provides an illegible response. These tabs appear on all pages that require caller input, so instead of enabling the same settings over and over again, you have the option to set global No Match and No Input events and apply them globally to your voice site. Let's do that for this example.

From any page on your voice site, click Site Properties from the left menu. Scroll down and you'll see a settings box with two tabs, one for No Input and one for No Match.

  1. The system automatically generates three No Input and three No Match audio prompts. Use these prompts for this exercise and leave Play the message(s) above followed by the original play message checked.
  2. For After final No Input, go to:, choose Goodbye Message from the dropdown menu.

Use the default Site Level option on all No Input and No Match tabs on each voice page in this guide.

Qsg noinputnomatch.png

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