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Create a Voice Site

This example will show you how to create your first voice site in CX Builder.

  1. On the CX Builder Home screen, click the Voice Sites link.
  2. Click Create New Voice Site and specify the following:
    1. Site Name— Name your voice site. For this example, call it My First Voice Site.
    2. Site Type— Specify if you want a Voice Enabled site, where callers have the option to provide verbal responses to IVR questions, or a Touch-tone Only site, where callers must respond in the IVR by pressing a number on a touch-tone phone.
    3. Site Acces'— Specify if you want a Public or a Private site. Choose Private and specify a PIN if you want to restrict access to callers with a 4-digit PIN.

Qsg createvoicesite.png

When you click Create, you’ll be directed to your new voice site’s Site Overview screen.

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