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Testing and Troubleshooting

You're done!

If you followed all of these steps, you should have a functional voice site up and running. So go ahead and test it out. Call your voice site's phone number and go through the IVR, just as your customers would.

As you go through the IVR, you should follow one of the two paths:

Calling During Business Hours

Qsg FlowDuringBusHrs.png

Welcome Message

You'll hear the greeting you configured on the Welcome Message Page.

Troubleshooting: System asking for a PIN?

[+] Try this

Main Menu

When the greeting finishes playing, you'll go to the main menu where you'll have the option to choose between billing and support. You configured these settings on the Main Menu Options Page.

Troubleshooting: Didn't go to the main menu?

[+] Try this

Hold Message and Wait Audio

When you choose billing or support, you'll hear a message that indicates you're being transferred to an agent, which you configured on the Transferring to Agent Message Page, followed by the waiting messages and the EWT you configured on the Waiting Prompts Page.

Troubleshooting: Didn't hear the transfer message?

[+] Try this

Troubleshooting: Didn't hear the waiting audio?

[+] Try this

[+] Or try this

Troubleshooting: The EWT didn't play?

[+]Try this

[+] Or try this

Routed to an Agent

While you wait in the queue for an agent, the system returns to the ACD Page to find the routing parameters you defined on the Contact Center Routing Page. As long as you have created at least one agent with the required skill in VCC Dashboard, the system will successfully route your call based on these parameters.

Troubleshooting: Connected to the wrong agent?

[+]Try this

[+] Or try this

Troubleshooting: Waited in the queue too long before being returned to the Welcome Message Page?

[+]Try this

Calling Outside of Business Hours

Qsg FlowOutsideBusHrs.png

Leave a Message?

Rather than hear the main menu options, you will instead hear the after hours message you specified on the After Hours: Leave a Message? Page.

Troubleshooting: Routed to the Main Menu Options Page instead?

[+]Try this


If you answer Yes on the After Hours: Leave a Message? Page, you'll be routed to the voice site's After Hours Voicemail Page.

Troubleshooting: Didn't go to the Voicemail Page?

[+]Try this

Goodbye Message

If you answer No on the After Hours: Leave a Message? Page, you'll be routed to the Goodbye Message Page.

Additional Resources

Now that you’re comfortable using CX Builder, refer to the CX Builder Help and other Premier Edition resources for much more information on all the options and features available to you.

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