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What are Voice Sites?

In CX Builder each site corresponds to one IVR. In your contact center, you can have multiple sites/IVRs but only one Automatic Call Distributor (ACD).

Click the Voice Site link from CX Builder to see an overview of all of your voice sites.

thumb|center|650px|Voice Sites Screen

The Voice Sites screen displays the following information:


file:Cxb_microphoneicon.png—Voice enabled site.
file:Cxb_telephoneicon.png—Touch-tone only site.

Voice Site Name The name of the site.
Phone Number The phone numbers assigned to the site. If a phone number isn't assigned to a site, Assign Phone Number displays. To assign one or more numbers to the site, click Assign Phone Number and the Phone Numbers screen displays, where you can do so.
Site Number The site numbers assigned to the site.
Last Updated The date and time that the site was last updated.

Note: See Creating a Voice Site for basic steps for how to create a Voice Site.

Page Groups

For ease of usability, voice pages can be grouped within Voice Sites.
thumb|center|650px|Page Groups

The following steps explain how to use Page Groups:

Creating a Page Group

To create a New Page Group:

  1. Select the Voice Site you want to group the pages for.
  2. Click the New Page Group button. The New Page Group window opens.
  3. Enter the name of the group. By default, the new group belongs to the HOME Parent Group; however, you can select any group in the hierarchy.
  4. Click Save. The New Page Group is added to the bottom of the Voice Site.

thumb|center|650px|New Page Group

Assigning a Page Group

Voice Pages and Page Groups can be assigned to Parent Groups.

To assign a Page Group:

  1. Select the check boxes next to the Pages you want to group.
  2. Click the Assign Page Group button. The Selected Groups/Pages window opens. thumb|center|650px|Selected Groups/Pages Window

  3. Select the page(s) from the Parent Group section from the groups listed to add to the Page Group.
  4. Click Save. The selected Voice Pages are grouped together under the Page Group folder.
    thumb|center|650px|Assigning Parent Group

Editing a Page Group

If a Page Group is edited, and its parent group is changed to a different group, all the pages within that group are automatically indented and positioned accordingly with the new group.

To edit a Page Group:

  1. Click the Page Group that you want to edit. The Page Group window opens.
  2. Make the required changes.
  3. Click Save.

Copying a Page Group

A copied group will fall under the same Parent Group as the group it was copied from.

To copy a Page Group:

  1. Select the checkbox next to the Page Group you want to copy.
  2. Select the Copy button. The copied Page Group appears at the bottom of the Voice Site.

thumb|center|650px|Copied Page Group

Deleting a Page Group

The Home Parent Group cannot be deleted.

To delete a Page Group:

  1. Select the check box next to the Page Group you want to delete.
  2. Click the Delete button. The Delete Group page opens.
    thumb|center|650px|Deleting a Page Group

  3. Click the check box if you do not want to delete the group's subgroups or pages. They will be moved under the parent group.
  4. Click OK.

The next sections discuss the Voice Pages that are used to build your voice sites or applications, and the Site Overview screen.

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