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Voicemail Page

Main Tab

A Voicemail page functions similar to an answering machine. A Voicemail page is used to record a voicemail, or to collect a free-form opinion response in a survey, or to collect a recording that you would like to use somewhere else. Voicemail pages are used to trigger an email notification through an email address (or distribution,) or a text message that a voicemail is waiting to be picked up.

On this Main tab, you do the following:

Initial Prompts—Enter the message you want to play. For more information on configuring prompts, see Message Page.

Mailbox—Select the desired voicemail box that the voicemail page will leave messages in.

Response Storage—Select the desired variable that will hold the voicemail recording URL.

Action—Specify how the IVR should handle the call once the caller has finished their recording. You can choose to go to a specific voice page, go back, or end the call.

Confirmation Tab

The Confirmation tab enables you to confirm the value provided by the caller, either using the built-in prompts, or ones that you upload. You can also choose to disable the confirmation feature by clicking the Do Not Confirm radio button.

If you choose to confirm, click Confirm and the page displays the Confirmation Prompts.

Confirmation options

If you want a prompt different than the built-in prompt, click Audio. For more information on how to upload audio files, see Audio Files.

The following diagram shows how and when each audio file would be played.

Cxb vsaudioplay.png

Advanced Optons Tab

The Advanced Options tab has four options:

Barge-In—With Barge-In on, the caller can interrupt the prompt whereas with Barge-In off, the caller is forced to listen to the entire prompt before the IVR will recognize their response.

Max Record Time—You can specify the maximum length allowed for a recording (from 5 to 1800 seconds).

End of Recording—You can select the length of silence the system will wait before assuming the caller has finished their message and ending the recording.

Disable Site Commands—Check this checkbox if you want to turn off Site Commands for this page. If this page represents a critical state in your Voice Site, where you want to ensure that the caller stays within the page and only leaves it through the specified Page Commands, it is advisable to turn off Site Commands, as they serve as 'always on' global navigation otherwise.

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