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Reverse Phone Lookup Page

<tabber> |-| Main=

If enabled for your account, the Reverse Phone Lookup Page enables you to do a reverse lookup of the customer who contacted the contact center.

thumb|center|650px|Main Tab

On this tab, specify the following:

  • Look for name and address based on—From the drop-down menu, select a variable on which to base the lookup.
  • Store name and address in—You have two options:
    • Standard variable names (FirstName, LastName, StreetInfo, City, State, ZipCode, FullAddress)—Select this option to store the outcome values in the standard variables identified.
    • Let me choose the variable names—Select this option to specify what the variables in which to store the outcome values from the lookup information.
  • Destinations—For each of these options, select an associated destination page.
    • If all data was collected, go to
    • If some data was collected, go to—For this option, you might select a Logic Page that would define the forwarding based on the outcome value.
    • If no data was collected, go to

|-| Advanced Options=

thumb|center|650px|Advanced Options Tab

The Advanced Options tab on a Reverse Phone Lookup Page has two options.

  • If a system error occurs, go to—From the drop-down menu, specify the destination page following a system error.
  • Save outcome of lookup in a variable.—From the drop-down menu, specify the variable to store the outcome. The default value is LookupOutcome. See the next section for information on outcome variables.

Outcome Variables

The outcome variable value is a combination of one value from each column for example: "PartialNameNoAddress".

Name Address
"FullName" - a minimum of one character in the first name and a minimum of two characters in the last name collected "FullAddress" - StreetInfo, City, State, ZipCode collected
"PartialName" - zero characters in the FirstName variable and less than tw0 characters in the LastName collected "PartialAddress" - Any one or more of the following are not collected: StreetInfo, City, State, ZipCode
"NoName" - No data collected "NoAddress" - No data collected
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