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Recordings and Voicemail

Whenever a caller leaves a message via a Voicemail Page in your IVR the recordings will be stored in a mailbox. Mailboxes and recordings can be accessed by clicking the Recordings and Voicemail link from the CX Builder tab.


thumb|center|650px|Mailboxes The left the screen displays your list of mailboxes with the top mailbox highlighted. It also displays the number of new and older recordings contained in that mailbox.

  • To delete a mailbox, select the check box to the left of the mailbox and click Delete.
  • To resend the mailbox PIN and instructions, select the check box to the left of the mailbox and click Send PIN / Instructions.

Editing Mailboxes

thumb|center|650px|Mailboxes - Edit

To edit a mailbox click the Edit link to the right of the mailbox that you want to edit. This will bring up the mailbox properties on the right (shown above).

  • Mailbox Name—Displays the name of the mailbox you selected on the right.
  • Keywords—Used when accessing your recordings over the phone, see the System Commands section for more information.
  • Email—Specify an email address in these fields to receive an email notification of a voicemail.
    • Send Email—Provides the complete text of the voicemail notification to the email address specified.
    • Send Mobile Email—Provides the shorter version of the voicemail notification to the email address specified. Important: You do not specify a mobile phone number in this field.
  • Email Templates—Customize the text of of the voicemail notification email sent to the specified addresses.
  • Pages Using this Mailbox—Click to expand the list of all the Voicemail pages linked to the mailbox and their corresponding Site Name and Page number.


For each mailbox, you can view, play, and delete the associated recordings. You can also filter what recordings to list by Date (All Dates, Today, Yesterday, Last 7 Days, Last 14 Days) or by the Caller (All Numbers or by a specific phone number).

When you click the name of the mailbox on the right, the screen displays the name of the selected mailbox (as shown in the top graphic) and a list of the recorded messages for that mailboxes, including the date/time of the message, the number of the caller, and the mailbox.

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