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ACD Page

If ACD is enabled for your account, an ACD Page is the interface between the IVR and the ACD, enabling you to send calls to and from the IVR to the ACD.

You can create more than one ACD Page for each CX Builder site.

Using an ACD Page you can:

  • Create the ACD administrator.
  • Set routing parameters and in-queue audio.
  • Configure toast and case data that will be popped to the agent when a call is received.
  • Configure the data that can be returned from the ACD and is exposed for use within the IVR for post-call routing.

The ACD Page differs depending on the platform associated with your account. If you are unsure about your platform or the features available to you for your account, contact your account representative.

Use the links below to view the ACD page for your particular platform:

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