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CX Builder Release Notes


These release notes apply to the October, 2017 release of CX Builder (version 2.8.0).

  • The New in This Release section lists the new features.
  • The Corrections and Modifications section for each release lists corrections to issues and limitations that were previously documented as Known Issues.
  • The Known Issues and Recommendations section is a cumulative list. It includes information on when individual items were found and, if applicable, corrected.

Note: The numbers in parentheses are for internal use only.

What's New?

This release contains no new features.

Resolved Issues

This release contains no corrections or modifications.

Known Issues

This section is a cumulative list of known issues for all releases of CX Builder.

  • For Holly users: In some cases, on a Logic Page that uses an IF condition, an unwanted AND/OR condition is automatically added one or several days later. (PEP-1442)
  • When a voice site is copied, a call going through the copied site’s call flow is sometimes routed to the original site’s call flow, even when the voice sites are not connected. (PEP-1431)
  • When you try to import a CSV data file, quotation marks are sometimes added to the first and last column heading, resulting in an InvalidFileChars error. If this happens, remove the quotation marks from the affected column headings and proceed with the import. (AACD-6016)
  • In some cases, when a caller presses a number while leaving a voicemail, the call exits the Voicemail page and moves to the next page in the IVR. (AACD-5686)
  • Deleting, importing, or uploading multiple large Big Data files concurrently may consume excessive memory and reduce stability. (PEP-1381)
  • In cases where 3rd party call recording is used, some call recordings fail to generate in CX Builder. (PEP-1307)
  • If you use Google Chrome and a recording stops partway through playback, click Download next to the volume adjustment to download and play the file. (AACD-6063)
  • When working with Big Data Files, if you select Deliver only new rows of data and choose both Enable Delivery (via FTP or SFTP) and Enable Email Delivery, the files will go to either the location you specified or to your email, but never to both.
    • Note: For now, if you want to receive the big data files via FTP or SFTP delivery and through Email delivery, you could create two separate data files, one enabled for FTP or SFTP delivery, and the other enabled for Email delivery. (PEP-1253)
  • Callers are mistakenly sent back to the queue instead of being connected to an agent in the following scenario:
    • Caller 1 waits in the queue for an available agent.
    • Caller 2 calls in after Caller 1 and also waits in the queue for an available agent.
    • When Agent 1 becomes available, Caller 1 is routed to Agent 1.
    • Agent 1 goes into Not Ready state and misses the call.
    • Now, Agent 2 becomes available.
    • Caller 1 should be routed to Agent 2 but is sent back to the queue behind all other callers, while Caller 2 is routed to Agent 2.


  • On the ACD Page, the voice pages specified on the IVR Transfers tab cannot be used for agent consult calls. Agents should be alerted to this fact when they see these pages available in their Agent Desktop. (AACD-3937)
  • Correct ACD values for MaxQueue Timeout are not being returned for the following scenarios:
    • A call is routed to an agent but before the agent answers the call, the caller hangs up.
    • A call comes in but the call is routed to a queue because no agents are ready or available, at which time the caller hangs up. (AACD-4386)

Contacting Genesys Customer Care for the Cloud

Need additional assistance with using your Genesys Engage cloud solution? We’re happy to help. Just contact us using one of the phone numbers listed on the following page: Cloud Contact Phone Numbers.

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