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CX Builder Help

Welcome to the CX Builder Help. This document introduces you to the user interface of CX Builder and describes the concepts and procedures relevant to using this tool in your contact center.

CX Builder is a unique point-and-click tool that allows you to build, deploy, and manage inbound IVR scripts for voice, SMS, chat, mobile, and Business Intelligence (BI) applications. CX Builder enables you to set up your IVR to handle self-service requests from customers and your ACD to handle assisted service requests if customers want to speak to an agent during the course of the call.

About This Help

This help documents CX Builder features for the Holly and GVP platforms. CX Builder features may differ based on your platform and the features configured for your account. If you do not know your platform or what features are available to you for your account, contact your account representative.

Differences between platforms are identified within topics and sections that only apply to specific platforms.

Notice: The graphics included in this help reflect the generic North American user interface for the GVP platform.

The following topics discuss these tabs and their relevant concepts:

Account Settings

Frequently Asked Questions

Call Recording

Business Hours

Agent Skills

Site Overview

Audio Files

Account Settings

[+] Common troubleshooting questions

How do I learn more about Premier Edition: Virtual Contact Center (VCC)?

The VCC Solution Guide contains information about the VCC solution as a whole, including introductory topics on the components that make up VCC.

Additional Information

CX Builder Release Notes

Review new features, corrections, and limitations.

VCC Release Notes

Review new features, corrections, and limitations of Virtual Contact Center.

CX Builder Quick Start Guide

Learn how to build a voice site, one step at a time.

CX Analytics Documentation

Learn how to use CX Analytics.

VCC Solution Guide

Learn more about the Virtual Contact Center Solution.

Premier OEM Release Notes

For OEMs only: review new features, corrections, and limitations specific to OEM implementations.

Additional Information

Additional information on Genesys is available on our Customer Care website.

The following documentation also contains information about this solution:

VCC Dashboard Help

Provides information on how to use VCC Dashboard.

VCC Agent Desktop Help

Provides information on how to use VCC Agent Desktop.

CX Analytics Help

Provides details on how to use the information found in CX Analytics' VCC historical reports.

VCC CTI Adapter for Salesforce Help

Provides information on how to use VCC CTI Adapter for Salesforce.

VCC CTI Adapter for Zendesk Help

Provides information on how to use VCC CTI Adapter for Zendesk.

VCC CTI Adapter for NetSuite Help

Provides information on how to use VCC CTI Adapter for NetSuite.

Contacting Genesys Customer Care for the Cloud

Genesys Customer Care Case Management Portal

Open and manage your cases by logging into the Customer Care portal.

Note: You might have a unique portal that can be used to access Customer Care.

For instructions on using the Case Management Tool, refer to Section 7: Case Management Process.

Cloud Contact Phone Numbers

Need additional assistance with using your Genesys Engage cloud solution? We’re happy to help. Just contact us using one of the phone numbers listed on the following page: Cloud Contact Phone Numbers.

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