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Waiting Message Page

For GVP platform users, use this page to configure prompts similar to Message Pages. It also includes a new prompt type, EWT (Estimated Wait Time), which allows callers to hear the estimated wait time as they continue waiting in queue.

For ACD Pages created before CX Builder 15.5/VCC 2.6.4, the In Queue and Transfer In Queue tabs continue to function as they have. For ACD Pages created from CX Builder 15.5/VCC 2.6.4 onward, the respective tabs only allow you to select Waiting Message Pages. If you want to use this Waiting Message Page, you need to create a new ACD Page.

When you create a new Waiting Message Page, both a Text-To-Speech prompt and an EWT prompt are enabled by default.

thumb|center|650px|Waiting Message Page

Waiting Prompts

Add waiting prompts in the order you want them played by clicking the respective buttons. You have the following types of prompts available:

  • Audio—Plays the audio file you specify (using the Link Audio link). For more information about audio files and how to upload them to CX Builder, see Audio Files. (Note: Be aware that if the audio cannot be retrieved, the system plays the default TTS.)
  • Text-to-Speech (TTS)— Plays the text that CX Builder converts into audio. See Message Page for more information.
  • EWT—Plays the estimated wait time (in minutes) played to the caller. (Note: Do not add the estimated wait time in the text portion of this field, because the estimated wait time will be returned by the system.)
  • Variable—Plays the prompt associated with the variable. This feature allows the voice site to dynamically play the prompt you selected from the Select a Variable drop-down menu and Smart Play menu. For more information on variable types, see the Site Variables section.

Go To

By default, the destination page specified is This Page, which results in all the prompts configured on this page being played in a loop.

If you want to create a sequence of Waiting Message Pages, after you have created them, you select the next Waiting Message Page in the sequence from the drop-down list. As part of the sequence, you can specify that the last Waiting Message Page returns to the first.

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