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Voice Sites

In CX Builder each site corresponds to one IVR. In your contact center, you can have multiple sites/IVRs but only one Automatic Call Distributor (ACD).

The Voice Sites screen displays the type of voice site (the microphone icon indicates a voice site; while a telephone icon indicates a touch-tone only site), the voice site name, the phone number, the site number, and the date and time the site was last updated.

Voice Sites Screen

Create a Voice Site

  1. On the CX Builder Home screen either click the Voice Sites link or the CX Builder tab to display a screen with Voice Sites.
  2. Click Create Voice Site and then specify the Site Name, Site Type, and Site Access.

Now configure your voice site. Refer to the table below and the pages that follow for more information.

Site Properties On the Site Properties screen, you can choose how to handle caller hang-ups, whether to use system (built-in) or custom audio prompts what to do if the caller doesn't provide input or no match is found, and you can set Text-to-Speech (TTS) and Automatic Speech Recognition (ASR) controls.
Site Variables Use the Site Variables screen to store information you collect from the caller. You specify these variables in your voice pages as the call moves through the IVR call flow.
Site Commands On the Site Commands screen you specify if you want the caller to provide touch-tone or voice input, instead of performing an action, and be redirected to a voice page (for example, pressing 0 to be redirected to the operator). Sites Commands are global commands for a voice site, and if enabled, are recognized and a follow-up action is taken.
System Commands Select System Commands if you want to give the caller the ability to provide touch-tone or voice input to perform an action like go back so the caller is returned to the previous instruction, or repeat so the instruction is repeated to the caller. These are similar to Site Commands but are pre-defined by the system.
Call Recording If Call Recording is enabled for this account, you can identify what portion of the call should be recorded, set security parameters for accessing recordings, and add a disclaimer that the call will be recorded.
Download Bulk Call Recordings (GVP users only) If enabled for your account, Download Bulk Recordings enables you to capture inbound and outbound call recordings for specific phone numbers.
Outbound Enable the site for Outbound calls, if desired, and specify settings for outbound call scheduling and device detection. Your account must be enabled for Outbound if you want to use the Outbound API.
ASR Settings Specify the ASR Settings for such things as confidence level on responses, sensitivity level to the volume of caller responses, and so on.
Tasks If enabled for your account, on the Tasks screen, you can define the tasks associated with a Voice Site.
Diagnostics The Diagnostics tool can point out errors on your voice site, like orphaned pages and broken links.
After creating your voice pages in your site, if your site contains several voice pages, you might want to create page groups. See the Page Groups page for instructions.
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