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Schedule Page

thumb|center|650px|Time Blocks Tab

A Schedule page is used to control the call flow based on time of day/week. With a schedule page, you create a schedule of time blocks that determine the next page of the call flow. You can route phone calls to a direct phone number during business hours, and then direct calls directly to a Voice Mail page after-hours.

  • Time Zone—Select your time zone from the Time Zone drop down menu. CX Builder can accommodate all standard time zones.
  • Time Block
    • Click Add Time Block to create a Time Block.
    • Click the Weekdays (Mon-Fri) drop-down menu and select the desired day(s) then enter in the From and To times.
    You can create as many time blocks as you need; however, time blocks cannot extend past midnight. Sort the time blocks in chronological order, Monday to Sunday.
  • At any other time go to—Select the page that all calls outside of the configured time block(s) will be routed.

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