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Getting Started with CX Builder

Genesys already provisioned most of your contact center resources for you in the cloud. In addition, your Genesys account team created the administrator (or subscriber) account for CX Builder and provided the administrator with account credentials in near real-time. So now this person can log-in and start using CX Builder to create IVR sites.

But what's the next step for the administrator? What if there are other people who need to use CX Builder? How many roles are there in CX Builder? What browsers are supported by CX Builder?

Am I the administrator or a user?

In CX Builder, there are primarily two roles: administrator (also called first user) and user.

  • Administrator—This is the person for whom the subscriber account was created. This account is sometimes called the master account. Through CX Builder, the administrator configures the ACD administrator through the ACD Page so VCC customers can access the VCC Dashboard. Typically, the administrator in CX Builder is the same person as the ACD administrator in VCC Dashboard. The CX Builder administrator can use all the features available in CX Builder, including configuring IVR sites, creating user accounts for access to CX Builder and CX Analytics, and distributing API keys.
    Note: Other than the ACD administrator that CX Builder administrators create in the ACD Page, CX Builder administrators do not create ACD users in CX Builder.
  • User—This person can also create IVR sites and configure the ACD administrator through the ACD Page, like the administrator, but cannot create other CX Builder user accounts or distribute API keys. In addition, a user can change his or her account settings, including the user name, email address, password, and security question.

Note: If you are a Virtual Contact Center (VCC) customer, the ACD administrator specified in CX Builder is simply the administrator in VCC Dashboard. In the VCC Dashboard, this administrator can create other users (agents, supervisors and other administrators). See Getting Started with VCC.

Getting started as the CX Builder administrator

  1. Create a Voice site by clicking Create Voice Site on the Voice Sites screen in CX Builder. For further details, see Voice Sites.
  2. Assign a phone number(s) to the site.
  3. Add an ACD Page and create the ACD administrator.
    Important: You must create the ACD administrator in CX Builder first before the ACD administrator can create other ACD users in VCC Dashboard or configure the ACD for assisted service calls.
    1. Configure a skill by going to the For an agent to be selected, they must have this skill field under the Administrator section, and selecting a variable from the drop-down menu that will contain the value used for the skill.
    2. Return to the ACD Page and click Save.
    3. On the same ACD Page, enter the ACD administrator's first name, last name, and e-mail address in the respective fields. Note: Each user must have a unique e-mail address.
    4. Click Send Login Instructions, and the ACD administrator you just specified is sent an e-mail. When the person receives the e-mail, he or she must use it to create a password to access VCC Dashboard.
    Use the Send Forgot Password Instructions, if the assigned ACD administrator needs a reminder with the login instructions.
  4. If needed, create CX Builder Users and specify access to CX Builder, CX Analytics, or both.
  5. Configure IVR site(s) as needed for your contact center.

Getting started as a CX Builder user

Before you get started, the CX Builder administrator must have created an account for you in CX Builder. If this administrator has not done so, contact the person and request it.

After your CX Builder administrator creates your account, you are sent an email.

  • When you receive the email, click the Create Password link and on the screen you are taken to specify a password, the Security question, and its associated answer. Note: The security answer is case sensitive and must contain at least six (6) characters.
  • Use these credentials to access CX Builder and create IVR sites.

Supported browsers

The following browsers are fully supported for this release of CX Builder:

  • Microsoft Internet Explorer 10
  • Google Chrome 26+
  • Mozilla Firefox 22+
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