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Download Bulk Call Recordings

For GVP platform users, if enabled for your account, you can capture inbound and outbound call recordings for specific phone numbers. Contact your account representative to determine if your account is enabled for it.

Access this feature by clicking Download Call Recording under the CX Builder section on the Home tab.

Note: Only authenticated/authorized users can download recordings for their associated voice site(s).

Configuring the Downloads

thumb|center|500px|Download Call Recordings

Using this screen, you can schedule a daily download, and/or download recordings for a specific period. Complete the information on the screen, according to the following:

Download Options Section

  • Host—The host name of the FTP to which the recordings download.
  • Location—The directory location within your FTP host to which the recordings download. This field cannot be empty.
  • Username—The user name for the associated host and location. By default this field is populated with the email addressed specified in your Account Settings.
  • Password—The password associated with the user name.
  • SFTP Private Key—(Optional) The private key if you want to download call recordings with encryption.
  • Download Protocol—The protocol. SFTP is the only protocol currently available.
  • Download Security—SFTP is the only security option currently available.
  • X509 Certificate for Encryption—(Optional) If you require encryption, the associated certificate to use for each scheduled download. If not specified, call recordings are downloaded without encryption.


  • If you do not encrypt your call recordings, when users attempt to download the unencrypted files, CX Builder asks the user to confirm the download.
  • When downloading bulk call recordings, all audio files have an .mp3.bin extension instead of the expected .mp3 extension. After downloading, you must rename the file extension. Note: If the file is encrypted, decrypt the file before renaming it.

Schedule Download Section

  • Enable Daily Download—When selected, this starts the daily download of all recordings at the time you specify.
  • Execute Download After Save—When selected, this downloads the recordings made over the specified period of time you specific after you click Save or Save&Exit. This feature might be useful if you need to do an analysis of call recordings over a specific period.

When the recording download is complete, you are notified at the specified email address.
Note: The time zone reflects the time zone configured for the account.

Accessing Call Recordings

After you download call recordings, in order to find a specific call recording you must know the time of the call or at least one agent involved with the call and run the appropriate report. The report you run would leverage the metadata provided in the json file (json sample file) contained in the zip file with the mp3 files. Note: All call segments are reported for the aggregate time of the entire call.

Another way to find call recordings is using a tool that you create. See Schema to View Downloading Call Recordings in the Appendix for more information.

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