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App Library

North America users Only

App Library is the common place where North American CX Builder platform users can share your IVR-VUI (Voice User Interface) designs and application templates. This feature allows you to search for an application in the marketplace and then download it into your account. This feature also allows you to upload any CX Builder application, which when approved, is available for you and others to download.

To access App Library, click the App Library tab on the Home screen.

<tabber> Searching=

There are many ways to sort and search for your app.

thumb|center|650px|Sort and Search for Your App

  • Enter the search criteria in the Search App text box.
  • Toggle between All, New, Popular, and Name.
  • Select from the list of categories.
  • Click My Apps. The My Downloaded Apps page opens.
    • Select the Downloaded button to view those apps you have downloaded.
    • Select the Uploaded button to view those apps you have uploaded.

|-| Publishing=

To publish your app:

  1. Click the Publish button. The Publish your App screen appears.
    thumb|center|650px|Publish Your App

  2. In the Upload Icon section, click the Browse button to select an icon for your app, or click the Select Default button to use the default icon.
  3. In the Upload Gallery section, click the Select Files button to select up to 12 files that are associated with your app.
  4. In the Overview section:
    • Enter a description for your app.
    • From the Select Category drop-down box, select the category. You can choose from:
      • Customer Care and Service
      • Sales and Marketing
      • Payments and Collections
      • Integration and Connectors
      • Other Cool Apps
    • From the Select Voice Application drop-down box, select the voice application that this app will use.
  5. In the Details section:
    • Enter the Application Overview information.
    • Enter the Application Description.
    • Enter the Company Name.
    • Enter the Company Description.
  6. Click the Publish button.

|-| Viewing=

To view your apps:

  1. Click the app icon that you want to view.
    thumb|center|650px|Viewing Your App

  2. Click the Preview button to see a list of Voice Pages that are linked to this app. Click the Voice Page link to open that page.
  3. Click the Download button to download the app.
  4. Select the Overview tab to view the high level details and an image gallery that contains some screen captures of the app.
  5. Select the Details tab to view the application and company description.
  6. Select the Comments tab to view all the comments associated with this app. To add your own comment, enter the comment in the Add a comment field and click the Add Comment button.
  7. Click the Share button to send this app in an email to others.
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