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CX Analytics Help

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About This Help

CX Analytics offers analysis of call data and insight into the performance of voice, email, and chat applications, so changes can quickly be made to the contact centre flow to increase containment and customer satisfaction. CX Analytics delivers a comprehensive suite of reports for Self-Service (IVR) and VCC.

CX Analytics provides reports for all channels: voice, chat, email, and multichannel (which includes all channels) for increased reporting capabilities. The multichannel reports include statistics for all assigned channels for the agent.

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You can

  • compare agent interactions visually using dashboard reports.
  • use standard reports for basic information about your agents and contact center.
  • create custom reports for more insight and tools to slice-and-dice data so you can make better business decisions.

Ready? Get started.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I view dashboard reports?

  • Dashboard Reports—Click the CX Analytics tab to open the CX Analytics dashboard reports, which provide a quick visual comparison of agent interactions.
  • Standard Reports—Click the Standard Reports link on the bottom of the CX Analytics dashboard to access the collapsible standard reports.
  • Custom Reports—Click the My Reports link on the CX Analytics dashboard to access all saved and shared reports.

See Getting Started.

How do I subscribe to a custom report?

Use the left hand menu to work with dashboards, reports, objects, history, and subscriptions.

To subscribe to a custom report, hover over the report and select your desired action or right-click on a report to perform additional actions on the report.

See Getting Started.

How do I see report attribute and metric definitions?

Popular statistics for the reports are available in this help:

How do I access call recordings?

After you generate a report, you must add the Call Recordings column from the Report Objects list on the left-hand side of the report. Simply, right-click on Call Recordings and select Add to Grid.

From the new Call Recordings column in the report, click Play to access the recording report. Click Listen to play the call recording. CX Analytics opens another window to play the recording.


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CX Analytics Course Links

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Additional Information

CX Analytics Release Note

Review new features, corrections, and limitations.

VCC Release Note

Review new features, corrections, and limitations of Virtual Contact Center.

Premier OEM Release Note

For OEMs only: review new features, corrections, and limitations specific to OEM implementations.

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Additional Information

Additional information on Genesys is available on our Customer Care website.

The following documentation also contains information about this solution:

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VCC Solution Guide

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Contacting Genesys Customer Care for the Cloud

Genesys Customer Care Case Management Portal

Open and manage your cases by logging into the Customer Care portal.

Note: You might have a unique portal that can be used to access Customer Care.

For instructions on using the Case Management Tool, refer to Section 7: Case Management Process.

Cloud Contact Phone Numbers

Need additional assistance with using your Genesys Cloud solution? We’re happy to help. Just contact us using one of the phone numbers listed on the following page: Cloud Contact Phone Numbers.

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