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Getting Started

CX Analytics is your gateway for monitoring your contact center, so you can better meet your business needs.

Now that you know what CX Analytics is, you’re probably wondering how to use it. This Getting Started page will get you running, viewing, and managing reports. Let’s get started.

What you see in CX Analytics depends on your contact center and your role within it, so you might not be able to do or see all the things covered in this help. If you think you should be able to do or see something you can't, check with your supervisor or system administrator.

How do I run a report?


Click the CX Analytics tab to open the CX Analytics dashboard reports, which provide a quick visual comparison of agent interactions.

To run a report, simply

  1. Click on a report link.
  2. Select the information you want to see.
  3. Click on the Run Report button.

You have run a report and can now customize the report.

The data is updated hourly and available for one year. Only calls that end before the update process are included in the current update.

The reports and dashboards are available on iPhone and iPad. Download the app from the App Store on Apple iTunes and configure the application with your Genesys login and password. For setup instructions, contact your Customer Success Manager or support representative.

How do I customize a report?


Once you run a report, you can customize the report data by selecting Report Objects from the Tools menu. The Report Objects are displayed in a column to the left of the report.

To add a Report Object, right-click on the object in the left-hand column and select Add to Grid.

To remove a report column, right-click on the column heading and select Remove from Grid.

You can save the report by clicking on the Home menu or the Save icon. Choose a Name for your report and click OK. You can now Return to original report or Run newly saved report. Close the browser window.

How do I access custom reports?


Click the My Reports link on the CX Analytics dashboard to access all saved and shared reports.

Custom reports not only provide much more insight, but they offer various tools to slice-and-dice data so you can present information to help make better business decisions.

Use the left hand menu to work with dashboards, reports, objects, history, and subscriptions.

How do I subscribe to a custom report?


You can schedule CX Analytics to deliver reports automatically by email on a daily, weekly, and monthly schedule or when specific conditions are met. Create separate subscriptions for each requirement.

Access your saved reports by clicking My Reports. To subscribe to the report, hover over the report and select the Subscriptions option.

Subscribe by email

To subscribe by email, click on the Add email subscription link.

  1. Choose the Report Schedule.
  2. Select the email recipients by clicking To: to access the address book. Select the Recipients you wish to add and click the arrow to add them to the address fields. Click OK when you are finished.
    • To add a new email address to your address book, enter the first and last name in the Address Name field, the email address in the Physical Address field, and click Add to Recipients.
  3. You can select a custom file name, email subject, and email message.
  4. Confirm your subscription.

Your subscription is listed under My Subscriptions.

To unsubscribe from a report in My Subscriptions, select the checkbox in the Unsubscribe column, then click on Unsubscribe.

How do I save a report to the History List?


The History List includes the reports that you have run on demand or through Subscriptions. These reports contain the actual data from when you ran the report. This is different from My Reports, which are the prompts to run the reports.

Once you run a report, click on the icon to add it to the History List.

How do I refresh the cache?


The caches are refreshed globally, so it is unlikely you need to refresh the cache by running it against the database.

In the Subscribe to menu, choose the Cache Update option.

Complete your subscription setup, and click OK.

How do I access the standard reports?


Click the Standard Reports link on the bottom of the CX Analytics dashboard to access the collapsible standard reports.

Standard Reports are out-of-box reports that provide the basic information about your agents and contact center.

What do I do next?

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