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Create a Metric

You just ran the Interaction Statistics by Day report, by clicking on the phone icon in the Interaction Statistics (Day), but you need the Talk Time in your report to include hold time. Did you know that you can create a custom metric? Let's work through a use case so you can see an example of how it can be done.

You decide you want your Talk Time to include both the Talk Time and the Hold Time.

Using the steps below, you can create a new metric and add the new metric to your report. Let's also edit the new metric to change the units and run your report again based on an attribute.

Create a new metric


First, you must create a new metric.

  1. To begin, click Data on the toolbar and select Insert New Metric.

  2. Click inside the Name text box and name your metric New Talk Time.

  3. Select Talk Time from the available metrics. Click the right arrow to move it to the Definition box.

  4. Add a plus sign to add the two metrics in your new metric.

  5. Select Hold Time from the available metrics. Click the right arrow to move it to the Definition box.

  6. Click OK. You can now see New Talk Time on the left.

  7. Click on the New Talk Time metric to add it to the report.

You can also remove unwanted metrics from the report by right-clicking on the column title and selecting Remove from Grid.

Edit a metric to display minutes instead of seconds


After moving the new metric into a report, you can rename or edit it.

  1. Let's change the time in the New Talk Time metric to display in minutes instead of seconds.

  2. Right-click on the column title and select Rename/Edit.

  3. To change the time to display in minutes instead of seconds, edit the current definition.

  4. Place parentheses around the current definition and then divide by 60.

    ([Talk Time] + [Hold Time]) / 60

  5. Click OK.

Run the report based on an attribute


Let's run the report again based on a the Requested Skill attribute.

  1. To begin, click Requested Skill from the Report Objects and drag it to the report.

  2. Save the customized report.

  3. Click the Home drop-down, and select Save As....

  4. Change the report Name to Interaction Statistics Date (New Talk Time Metric).

  5. Click OK. The report is now saved.

  6. Click Run newly saved report.

  7. Enter your time parameters and click Run Report.

The new report runs with the Requested Skill and the new metric, New Talk Time (Mins).

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