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Billing Data Server User's Guide

Welcome to the Billing Data Server (BDS) 9.0 User's Guide. This document provides the following information:

Intended audience

This document is intended for system administrators who manage BDS after it has been installed.


The Billing Data Server (BDS) for PureEngage deployed on customer premises provides the data required for the Genesys financial organization to bill customers for subscription services. The main functions of BDS are:

  • Daily extraction of historical reporting and configuration data needed for billing
  • Aggregation of that data into daily and monthly datasets
  • Automated transmission of daily and monthly files back to Genesys for invoicing
  • Local storage of billing files as backup or other use

The primary data sources that BDS uses to obtain data for billing are:

  • Genesys Info Mart (GIM): for users and interactions
  • Genesys Voice Portal (GVP) Reporting Server (RS): for IVR and media port sessions
  • Configuration Management Environment: for voice mail boxes and user login configurations
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