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TTS Ports

Metric Specification

Billable Item Cloud Contact Center ASR port peak usage & Cloud Contact Center TTS port peak usage
Unit of measure

port peak usage

Metric Name


Metric Frequency


Metric Scope region
Metric Definition

Peak usage of ASR treatment / TTS treatment applied to calls within GVP platform 

Data Source

GVP Reporting Server DB; Genesys Info Mart DB 

Deployment Model Instance of GVP Reporting Server DB per location (shared between tenants or individual); One global instance of Genesys Info Mart DB per tenant

Configuration Details

  • Within each tenant configuration, a set of regions and locations is defined in which the tenant is enabled.
  • Credentials to be used to access all configuration servers are defined on global level: cme_credentials section under global.
  • Default credentials that can be used to access GIM databases are defined on global level: gimdb section under global.
  • Default credentials that can be used to access GVP Reporting Server databases are defined on global level: gvpdb section under global
  • Each location on global level has a gvp section with details defining shared GVP deployment details: configuration server coordinates, GVP Reporting Server database coordinates, and credentials (inherited from the gvpdb section in global).
  • Globally defined GVP Reporting Server database coordinates for each location and default credentials are propagated down to the tenants' level, and can be overridden on a tenant level.  
  • Configure MCP to send the required events to Reporting Server. Genesys will not validate the configuration, but it is a prerequisite:
  • Availability of the events will be validated, based on the retention period of event records, as configured in the GVP Reporting Server:

    Resulting Data File Details

    • Number in the resulting file (MessageSize field) represents the number of concurrently active ASR or TTS sessions.
    • File content complies to the IT Integration Specification:
      Channel type =  3 (TTS), 1 (ASR)
      Service class =  7 (TTS), 24 (ASR)
      Activity Type =  6 (TTS), 6 (ASR)
      Status = PORT
    • A separate file is produced for each region, where the tenant is deployed.


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