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SIP voicemail

Metric specification

Billable item Maximum number of configured Agent Logins, Agent Groups, and DN objects that have voicemail box simultaneously enabled over the month. 
Unit of measure

Objects count

Metric name


Metric frequency

Daily (the number of Agent Logins, Agent Groups, and DNs that have voicemail boxes configured)

Metric scope Global
Metric definition

Monthly maximum enabled voicemail boxes.

Data source

Tenant Configuration Server 

Deployment model Instance of Configuration Server per tenant.

Configuration details

  • Host/port of the tenant Configuration Server is present within each tenant configuration under the following attributes:
    • cs_primary_host
    • cs_backup_host
    • cs_port
  • At the top level in the cme_credentials section in the globals section that contains the username and password attributes, define credentials that can be used to access the Configuration Server instances.

Resulting data file details

  • The number displayed in the resulting file represents the number of configured voicemail box objects (of Agent Login, Agent Group, or DN types) on a given day.
  • The file content complies to the IT Integration Specification:
    AgentGroupName = 1 (Concurrent)
    Monthly characteristics are not available for this metric.
    Activity type = 5
    Channel type = 0
    Service class = 26
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