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Outbound Contact

Metric specification

Billable item Concurrent and Enabled number of agents who have voice sessions during which an agent was involved in the OCS-driven activity. Concurrency of the co-browsing activity within the agent login sessions is not measured here; only the concurrency of full login sessions that use Outbound Contact at least once during the login session is measured.
Unit of measure Agent count
Metric name seats_outbound
Metric frequency Daily (concurrent), monthly (enabled)
Metric scope Region
Metric definition Concurrent: Calculated with 1 sec precision, the number of concurrently active agent voice sessions recorded during the billing period (daily concurrent) during which an agent was involved in the OCS-driven activity. Enabled: the number of unique logged-in agents that recorded voice sessions during the billing period (monthly enabled) during which an agent was involved in the OCS-driven activity.
Data source

Genesys Info Mart (GIM) DB 

Deployment model One global instance of GIM DB per tenant.

Configuration details

  • Regions and locations
    • Within each tenant configuration, define a set of regions and locations in which the tenant is enabled.
    • Each location within tenant contains a list of switch names valid for that location within the switches parameter.
    • If no switch names are listed in a location's switches parameter, that location will be used as the default location.
  • Credentials
    • In the globals section, define at the top level in the gimdb section the default credentials that can be used to access the GIM DBs.  

Resulting data file details

  • The number displayed in the resulting file (MessageSize field) represents the number of concurrently active agents or a number of enabled agents.
  • The file content complies to the IT Integration Specification:
    Channel type = 4
    Service class =  23 
    Activity type = 5 
    Status = AGENT_SEATS
    AgentGroupName = 1 (Concurrent), 2 (Enabled)


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