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GVP ports

This page provides information about how the GVP Ports metric is defined and calculated, and describes the key values used to designate these metrics in the billing files.

Metric specification

Billable item Cloud Contact Center Genesys Voice Platform (GVP) port peak usage.
Unit of measure Port peak usage
Metric Name gvp_ports
Metric frequency Daily
Metric scope Region
Metric definition Peak usage of GVP treatment applied to calls within GVP.
Data source GVP Reporting Server database; Genesys Info Mart database
Deployment model Instance of GVP Reporting Server database per location (shared between tenants or individual); one global instance of Genesys Info Mart database per tenant.


Define the following:

  • Regions and locations — Within each tenant configuration, define a set of regions and locations in which the tenant is enabled.
  • Credentials — In the globals section, define credentials at the top level in the following sections:
    • cme_credentials: the credentials to access all the Configuration Servers.
    • gimdb: the default credentials to access the Genesys Info Mart database.
    • gvpdb: the default credentials to access the GVP Reporting Server database. 
  • GVP section — Each location at the top level has a gvp section with details that define the shared GVP deployment details:
    • Configuration Server parameters
    • GVP Reporting Server database parameters
    • Credentials (inherited from the gvpdb section in the globals section).
  • GVP Reporting Server database — The globally defined GVP Reporting Server database parameters for each location and default credentials are propagated down to the tenant level, but you can override them at the tenant level.  In addition:
    • Within each location, you can define a list of billable IVR Profiles DBIDs (ivr_usage_profiles: ['000'] - default value meaning all IVR Profiles are billable).
    • You must configure the GVP Reporting Server to store CDRs table:

Resulting data file details

  • The number displayed in the resulting file (MessageSize field) represents the number of concurrent GVP sessions within the region.
  • The file content complies with the IT Integration Specification:
    Channel type =  1
    Service class =  20
    Activity type =  6
    Status = PORT
  • A separate file is produced for each region where the tenant is deployed.
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