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Designer-based Voicebot interactions

This page provides information about how the Designer-based Voicebot interactions metric is defined and calculated, and describes the key values used to designate these metrics in the billing files.

Metric specification

Billable item Number of voice interaction containing message exchanges between a consumer and one or more Genesys bots.
Unit of measure Sessions count
Metric Name "voicebot_interactions"
Metric frequency Daily
Metric scope Global
Metric definition Calculated as the total duration of all bot blocks invoked during an interaction divided by 15 min, with any decimal remainder rounded up to the nearest whole number. Counts only sessions containing voice media channels.
Data source Genesys Info Mart database
Deployment model One global instance of Genesys Info Mart database, per tenant.


Define the following:

  • Host & Port — Define the host / port of the tenant's Genesys Info Mart database, within each tenant configuration under the "gimdb" section.

Metric datasets

  • bot_sessions — Dataset with a list of Designer sessions that include at least one bot block, containing references to INTERACTION_FACT tables.

Resulting data file details

  • The number in the resulting file represents the number of voice bots sessions.
  • File content complies to the IT Integration Specification:
    Activity Type = 12
    Channel type = 1
    Service class = 34
    Status = TRANSACTION
    AgentGroupName = 1
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