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BDS execution can either be scheduled through cron or started from this command-line on the docker host:

$ ./cloudbilling-prem.sh process

Enabling / Disabling processing

Processing can be controlled at multiple levels:

  • Tenant: Disabling the tenant completely disables all processing for this tenant. Enabling the tenant allows processing for any enabled regions.
  • Region: Disabling the region (for the tenant) disables all processing for this region. Enabling the region allows processing for any enabled locations.
  • Location: Enabling / disabling the location (for the tenant) controls processing for this location.
  • Metric: Enabling/disabling a metric (for the tenant) controls processing for this metric across all locations.
    Run all of the actions below after launching BDS in the config mode ($ ./cloudbilling-prem.sh config).


Enable a tenant:

brsctl.py tenant -t tenant_name -on

Disable a region:

brsctl.py region -t tenant_name -off region_name

Enable a location for all tenants:

brsctl.py location -ta -on location_name

Disable a metric for all tenants:

brsctl.py metric -ta -m metric_name -off

Enable all metrics for a tenant:

brsctl.py metric -t tenant_name -ma -on

Reprocessing earlier data

You can reprocess earlier data, starting from a specified date. This is controlled by the three watermark dates.

To see the current values of the watermark dates:

brsctl.py tenant -t tenant_name -ed -td -ld

To complete the entire reprocessing cycle for a given tenant, reset the extract watermark:

brsctl.py tenant -t tenant_name -ed 2015-09-02

    If the source data for the specified date is no longer available, processing will terminate with an error.

To retransform the previously extracted data and upload the results, reset the transform watermark:

brsctl.py tenant -t tenant_name -td 2015-09-02

    If the transform watermark is set to a date later than the extract watermark, processing will terminate with an error.


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