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Launching BDS

To launch the application after installation and configuration:

  1. Go to the directory where cloudbilling-prem.sh is located. Launching BDS 1.png

  2. Use the process option.
    Launching BDS 2.png

    A few lines with docker-related errors might appear on the screen. This is fine as it indicates that the launch does not remove any files that work.

    Launching BDS 3.png

    You can see from the above screen shot, that the application started, launched the environment (shown below), zoo keeper, and billing, and returned to the terminal.

    Launching BDS 4.png

    How to confirm the launch happened

    There will be messages in the ./cloudbilling-prem.local/log/brs.log.<launch_date> log file. Once processing is completed, a distinctive message is displayed:

    Run completed printed in the log on DEBUG log level (default one with current default config for premises).

    Following is an example from log:

    2018-03-21 09:52:22,408 DEBUG 139916111771456 dispatcher.py:main...........................: Run completed


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