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Update Service Extension

ApiRef2.png PUT /services/${service_id}/extensions/${ext_name}



This operation replaces the extension value with a new extension value. The former value of the extension is lost. This operation supports the update of multi-valued extensions.


Updates a service's extension value
Method PUT
URL /services/${service_id}/extensions/${ext_name}
Name   Type   Mandatory Description
URI Parameters
${service_id} integer yes The ID of the service.
${ext_name} string yes The name of the extension
<attribute n> or <attribute n>[] value yes Attributes for single-valued extensions, or array of attributes for multi-valued extensions (previously defined through the Create Service Extension Schema operation).


The Context Management Service API answers with HTTP codes for every request. The following table shows the correct response for a successful request. See HTTP Response Codes and Errors for further details on the possible codes that this operation can return.

HTTP code 204
HTTP message No Content


The following operation updates the single-valued extension "score".

 PUT /services/8389/extensions/score
    "score": 85,
    "agentID": 2025

The following operation updates the multi-valued extension "relatedOffers".

 PUT /services/8389/extensions/relatedOffers
      "offer_name":"VIP credit card black ed.",
      "comments":"proposed to all client"
      "offer_name":"3 times payment GOLD",
      "comments":"limited offer"
      "offer_name":"life insurance",
      "comments":"health check to be done before approval"


 204 No Content
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